Social Media Marketing

One important question every client asks us – How good is your social media game?! Well, we say it’s all about striking the right cord with the social media handles like Facebook or Instagram. We, at Startup Farms, have an experienced team of professionals like Strategizer, Content Writer and a Graphic Designers to plan and execute the social media creatives that are innovative, influential and result-oriented.  These creatives can be for your New Year Party, Launch Event, Social Gatherings, Weddings or any other event. These creatives can be visually appealing, interactive or can create a buzz in the market about your brand.

We also take care of your social media pages with a detailed report of the progress of the social media page. There are monthly packages and yearly packages to choose from and can be customized depending upon the brand requirements of the client. These packages include:

•  Daily Posts
•  Page Management
•  Network Activity Monitoring
•  Keyword Research
•  Hashtag Integration
•  Occasional posts
•  Videos – Content Generation & Posting
•  Competitor Market Study
•  Paid Promotions

Social Media Campaign

Campaigns are always the best ways to grab the attention of potential customers. We devise social media campaigns for various social media networks, industries and business sizes. We let our creative juices flow in these campaigns to see how it reflects on the success of your brand. Campaigns can be of various types – alluring, emotional, competitive, product launch, countdown, celebratory, awareness, etc. We chalk out a template for these campaigns which is:

•  Campaign Plan Template
•  Campaign Content Template
•  Campaign Calendar Template

Once all the above templates are approved by the client, we go follow the calendar to create posts that not only appeals the eye but also appeals the heart. These campaigns give out a meaningful message to its audience, helps grow the network and gets some loyal fan base.