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“Mohesh teko samjha kya?” asked repetitively by Faisal Shaikh to Mahesh Kamble who was once a graphic designer at QWERKY Communications and now at Startup Farms. Advertising is a mix of craft, science, storytelling, propaganda, and philosophy while the design is intelligence made visible. Not everybody has a knack for creating visuals of fantastic advertising, unlike Mahesh. Nonetheless, everybody believed that Mahesh was always a person with a “spark”. Here, we are about to tell you a story of our best employee.

It all started with QWERKY Communications. It was an ad agency founded by Faisal Shaikh in 2011 with just a few employees and ended in 2015 with 28 employees under indefinite circumstances. Mahesh started working on 16th April 2014 when he was in QWERKY communications. Startup Farms was a sub-company of QWERKY Communications. The beginning of Startup Farms was in 2015 with only 4 employees – Mahesh Kamble, Nishad Mohandas, Vaibhav Todankar and Ujwala Kedare. Mahesh has always surpassed the list of the most loyal employees of Startup Farms, for his perseverance and faith in bringing back this company at its best… ONCE AGAIN!

It is reported that 74% of workers want to walk away from their jobs. Whether it’s burnout, a perceived lack of appreciation or disconnect between the priorities stressed by the company and those expressed by the customer, if people don’t “want to” do the job they are assigned, they’re disengaged. Startup Farm’s belief in and appreciation of employees is intrinsic. It all comes from Faisal Shaikh, Founder of Startup Farms, who once said: “I believe in hiring loyal and hardworking people; people who are capable to work in any kind of circumstances.” Mahesh Kamble was one such employee who was always tested, grilled and aggrieved in good and bad times of the company reign. Still, he continued working with the company and with the same enthusiasm!

He has proved to be the strongest pillar of Startup Farms now and then. We call him ‘tower man’ for a reason. His competency has reached to an extent that now he handles all big-budget projects of Startup Farms and is trusted by clients for his professional designing work. His extraordinary list of projects includes Tatasky, York winery, Freshkins, Futstep, Sahyadri Farms, Scotch Brite, Fem, Laundry Happy, Dermoviva Baby, 3M and it’s going to be never-ending. Big projects come with big responsibilities like meeting the deadlines. On this, he says “My ultimate inspiration is meeting the deadlines.” That says it all you ultra-sincere guy!

Mahesh previously had an experience of three years in MNC as a designer. Before joining startup farms, he was an introvert, uncommunicative and lacked luster.  He says, “Startup Farms not only changed me as a person but also honed my skills in graphic designing to its maximum. My creative side was evolved here.” According to him, when you are responsible for your clients for sales results, you are also responsible to consumers for the kind of advertising you bring to their business. His aim was always to create advertising that is in good taste. He says, “I dislike advertising that is blatant, dull, or dishonest. Agencies which disobey this principle are not widely respected and I don’t belong to such an agency!”

Be it the branding work or packaging work, detailing of every work done by him is bang on. He once said, “Colors not only add pleasantness to design but also reinforces it.” From a good mix-up of colors to finest modification in shapes, his work spelled perfection. He always believed that if we do a good job for our clients, which will become known. We will smell of success, and that will bring us success to us and our company. Yes… you go guy! You bring respect to our company. While he is also worthy of all the respect, we give him the “much-needed” respect without any doubt.

Success takes time and hard work. To achieve a certain level of success in your career, you need an extended level of patience. Mahesh is known for keeping patience till he gets the best output.  Juggling between family life and work life, he has learned to bring harmony to every work he does. From traveling petty miles on a two-wheeler to covering distances unmeasured in his plush car, the length of hard work he has put in has no bounds or limits! Mahesh has always followed the rules of the company obediently and is still following it. That makes him a disciplined and a law-abiding employee of Startup Farms.

To look at the work done by Mahesh Kamble, please click on the link below:

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