Link Building

“If the content is king, then links are queen. Build a network of quality backlinks.”

–Richard Burckhardt, Web Optimist, and SEO trainer

Link building is the primary skill of SEO. Links impact rankings on search engines. Link quality depends on the domain authority and page authority of the website. For best link building, you have to gain mastery in content, sales, programming, psychology and good-old methods of marketing.

How we do it?

We, at Startup Farms, have done thorough research on link building that makes our basics clear. We create high-quality links for your website and post valuable content on the website. For linking, we create visuals, use relevant keywords in links, create desirable backlinks, use the technology of email outreach, avoid black hat links building, search for resource pages and check for broken links if any.

The type of links we help in the building are:

Owned links: Such links are directly associated with the platforms you own. They attract potential customers. This media consists of a corporate website, portals, and microsites.

Bought links: Such links involved monetary investments to market your product or service. They attract strangers. This media consists of print advertising, television, web banners, paid search and media deals.

Earned links: Such links automatically come to you without your active participation but the content in these links should be eye-catching. It attracts a lot of audiences who were never your followers. This media consists of social media channel content obtained through blogs, videos, comments, pictures, stories, wiki’s, feedback, tweets, apps, and ratings.

Broken links: Such Links are non-functional links. Broken links are the safest, most effective and the most result-oriented. These links attract old as well as new customers. It’s a white hat technique that adds value to your rankings instantly.