Keyword Targeting

“The keywords for me are predictability and visibility. Now that we have achieved profitability, I want to make sure that we have profitable profitability and sustainability”

– Dominic Orr

Keywords are the most important factor in SEO building and in turn, digital marketing. Using the right keyword gives you the valuable and high-return end result. One keyword can make or break your website. One keyword can also give you important leads in your digital marketing funnel.  Keywords researched should be able to answer the following questions:

Will these keywords be relevant to the content available on your website?

Will searchers be able to find your product/service through these keywords?

Will these keywords fulfill your customer’s expectations in their research?

Will the traffic generated due to these keywords achieve marketing goals?

How we do it?

We research for untapped, high-volume keywords as per the competitors, location, audience, and trends. The next step is compiling the keywords and rigorously using it for our brand endorsements. We follow a basic process for assessing the value of a keyword and use those keywords on appropriate platform depending upon their ranking. For instance, not all the keywords that we use for Google can be used for Facebook or Instagram. Keywords change as per the demands of the target audience.