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Trying to find the single “one size fits all” best page to show all of your site’s visitors is like throwing money out of the window. Every page of your website needs scrutiny and revamp at regular intervals. Every day, every month, every quarter, marketers are tasked with a challenge of creating websites and messages that buzzes the target audiences. Why is it a challenge? Because you’re being asked to make one size fit all of your pages. Think about the different aspects of your website. Who are the different types of visitors visiting your page? What are their expectations, needs, and motivations when visiting your website? All of this comes under one name: DIGITAL MARKETING. Startup Farms creates an effective digital marketing strategy with just a click. These strategies are:


Along with the increased use of digital marketing, brands are also beginning to give out larger portions of their overall marketing budgets for digital marketing. Out of all the digital marketing strategies, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) wins everyone in the walk. One of the categories of SEO is local search marketing. When you launch a product or a service, your point of focus should be first localized and then globalized. Through effective SEO strategies, your product or service should pop up in all relevant local searches which make it pertinent to say that charity begins at home.


Social Media Marketing (SMM) has created a rave of gusto among all. From Mr. Modi to Kapil Sharma, everybody is on social media tweeting, instagraming and facebooking to either share some thoughts or promote business. When it’s about promoting business, networking sites play an important role for Startups in marketing a new product/service, brand exposure and creating or broadening the customer base. It involves both B2B and B2C marketing and communications. Budgeting, planning, and forecasting are the right ways to gain profits from SMM. Video marketing is one important form of SMM where you get results in a jiffy!


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) places your paid ad on the radar of your target audience. Based on the criteria of demography, location and bidding price, your ad pops up on a search engine. The bid price is also based on ad relevancy, click through rate and the ad content. Advertisers also bid on keywords that are picked up by search engines like Google or Bing.

Content Marketing

Advertisers create quirky content like blogs, videos or social media posts that explicitly promote a brand and stimulates interest in products or services. It converses with your target audience, converts them into potential customers and repeats buyers. Only visually appealing, relevantly engaging content trends over social media and enthralls the audience.

Email Marketing

Endorsing your product or service on emails might be trending now but only relevant, quirky and new content can grab eyeballs. Keep yourself updated with the trends a particular region or country is following and use it in your emails. Customers also want to read about the atypical identity in your product/ service. Mention about discounts offers or deals in the email to tempt your potential client further. This is one way to persuade the audience, growing network, and sales.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing identifies the individuals who can influence potential customers, and create marketing activities around these influencers. Create events and invite influential people for the events. It makes a great deal if the most powerful names in the industry publicize about your product/service on their social media pages or through word of mouth. It influences. A lot of brands in 2018 flocked to influencers in hoards to market their product. Don’t limit influencer marketing on one platform. Make use of other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Vine, etc. Offer these influencers partnership or a percentage of sales. Disclose the partnership details in every paid ads where the partnership can be with the influencers.

Responsive web designing

Responsive web design makes your web look fantastically reactive and works well across different devices like tablet, PC, laptop or mobile. You tend to create your own responsive layout using tags, links or queries and also experiment with major and minor breakpoints by optimizing readable text. For instance, make mobile friendly designs for mobile. Respond to queries on social media platforms to display your responsiveness.


Remarketing is very important in today’s marketing world. Every brand expects loyalty from their customers. Remarketing strategies play an important role when you want your customer to re-visit your website and purchase your product. Make use of your pay per click (PPC) marketing by remarketing your product using different campaigns or promotional activities on social media platforms. Present your website link in every ad which helps in bringing back the customer to your website.

Our clients come from across the world like the UK, Germany, Dubai and a few cities in India too. We worked with clients who are in varied sectors like Winery, Brewery, Resort, Restaurants, Clothing, home décor, etc. We help our clients from creating to launching their brand. We create some quirky and classy designs for them to stand out from the hoard. We help them in creating a solid social media presence with sassy and massy content. So are you looking for someone who can boost and scale up your business to new heights? Startup Farms have a young, talented and experienced team who can fulfill all your expectations!

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