When you launch a brand, you are introducing an image of your brand, presenting a value proposition, positioning your brand perfectly and communicating how your products are unique. We’ve helped businesses understand their brand, website and digital marketing to make things a success from day one. So here’s how we help Startups to launch their brand:

Get Your Essentials Right

One of the most important factors in launching a brand are logo designing, assigning a meaningful name and tagline to your brand. It means considering whether you want to have a unique brand name to increase your brand presence in organic search, whether your brand colours work the best across print and digital, whether your brand message is strong enough to set you apart from your competitors.

Get your Website Organized

Tracking: Startup Farms has a very experienced and knowledgeable web developer. Our web developer sets up your website with basic tracking through Google Analytics which helps in understanding the performance of your website and the success of your digital channels. Tracking allows you to understand the engagement rate of different marketing channels and what content and pages on your website are generating successful results for your business.

Speed: Its very important to magnify the speed of your website when someone clicks on it. It should open in 3 seconds. According a recent study by Google, 50% customers loose interest in your website if it fails to open in 3 seconds. This means that half of your potential customers will be picked up by your competitors.

Speed can also impact your organic keyword rankings – Search Engines don’t support a a slow loading website with a high bounce rate and if the users are having a bad experience operating on your website. So why would they increase your rankings? Making sure your website is fast and device optimised can not only strengthen your organic presence, but also lead to more sales by capitalising on traffic that would have otherwise bounce and go to one of your competitors.

Get Your Platforms Ready

It means making sure your business works across platforms – web, print, social media, paid media and content marketing. Make sure you have a uniform strategy across all channels. It’s equally important to understand how your industry works within these channels, and identify priority channels for your business. If social media isn’t a huge driver of leads in your industry, you may want to prioritise other channels and reformulate your social strategy to focus more on management over lead generation. For instance, print ads might work for a clothing business, radio ads might do wonders for a real estate agency while Google Adwords works the best for a shoe laundry business.

From a digital perspective, it also means making sure your website is both professional its approach and instills a sense of trust in the user. Without all the analysis done by our digital marketers in terms of optimisations incorporated and budgets involved, these platforms won’t lead to the sales, enquiries and growth you expect.

Get your Prints in Order

The print media is an effective means of communication for local and international audience. The colour, text, font, etc. gives your brand a recognition. We first study your business thoroughly and then give a best possible solution for design in print media like brochure, catalogue, envelopes, letter head, posters, banners, flyer, visiting cards and newspaper ads. Print media is responsible in creating brand value and influencing target audience.

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