Traditional brands have a fantastic reputation for delivering quality work. Everything is organized for these brands – their work process is set, their tasks are defined and the rules are followed by staff. They reach an unbeatable position in the market over the years. Their business had reached a summit nationally, they wanted to go global. The only thing that is missing is a tech and digital solution that match their stellar reputation.

Where they lack?

Startup Farms gives such brands a business solution that elevated their brand, website and strengthened their expertise. After understanding their business goals, brand guidelines, and existing marketing techniques, we were able to provide a solution that ticked all of the boxes and set the business up for long-term success online. A key point for the business is about elevating and strengthening their brand online. The target audience couldn’t reach them online nor was it easy to convince or influence them through old ways of communication. Their current website is outdated and didn’t convey the right message to the target audience.

What solution do we offer them?

We work with these brands to develop a tech solution – wireframing, designing and building a lightning-fast website that worked across devices. Rearrange services from the past website to make them more logically organized and more easily discoverable by the user.

Solution 1: Photo and Video Shoot

As part of building a revamped and engaging website for users, we arrange a photo and video shoot with the team, creating a whole new series of products and people associated with the brand for use on the website. The videos produced from the video shoot were used as part of a professional homepage video to engage users and convey the work carried out by the business.

Solution 2: Website

As well as building a user-friendly, fast website for users, the website was also built to be user-friendly for the client themselves. All sections of the website were fully customizable and able to be easily populated with dynamic content as and when needed. We convey the brand attractively on search engines in line with SEO best practices. We formulate a digital marketing plan for them and make sure every campaign released on social media brings positive results to the brand. With Google Analytics integration, the brand could gather insights into their digital performance and user behavior like never before.

Solution 3: Brochure and Billboard Advertising

As part of the offline launch of the website, we re-design brochure and billboard advertising to help spread awareness in key regions and channels for the business. If a new logo or tagline is created for the brand, we include the new logo and use new pictures on these essentials. People appreciate the newness in every brand. Whenever the brand image is modernized, it puts an impact on the audience tremendously. It unanimously gives a new position to the brand in the market.

Solution 4: Packaging

Packaging is re-designed with a fresh new look to influence the audience and to put a lasting impression on the audience. We give options in designs in a varied color palette. We make some additions and subtractions in the style of packaging.

Solution 5: Stationery

Stationery includes name badges, business cards, email signatures and stationery, from letterheads to folders and cover sheets. Stationery is a reflection of your brand image. Good or bad, you have made an impression. And like all impressions, you have controlled it well. With a classy business card, you put a good impression on your peers.

During the re-developing process, we work closely with these brands to produce not just a website, but a solution to a business problem. The solution incorporated design, web build, SEO, offline advertising and refreshed brand assets – allowing the brands to reach their business goals across brand, tech, and marketing.

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