SEO strategies have cluttered brains of millions. This clutter is related to the types of SEO and how to use its tricks in a right way. There are three categories in SEO and all three are equally important to get the SEO game right. Let’s first begin by defining these categories.

Local SEO:

Estimation says it that customers search for a service on the basis of “local intent”. This means that 1 out of 2 people on Google are searching for a local service first. It has now become extremely important to get your local SEO right to earn more customers locally. Once you have mastered the task of getting the loyalty of local customers, you can shift your focus to other cities or maybe other countries. This requires the skill of next category.

On-page SEO:

This is the practice of optimizing individual web pages to rank higher and producing more meaningful traffic in search engines. With correct URLs, keywords, tags, images, videos, content and site architecture, one can master the skill of generating more organic search traffic for your page.

Off-page SEO:

This refers to actions taken outside of your own web page to control your rankings within search engine page results. This type also looks at how influential and popular your site is. It is more about how you rank higher on search engines.

Optimizing the following tricks will help you earn some brownie points for your online business:

* Improve your website for Google ranking with the right keywords

* Discover the recently tapped Keywords on Google and use them to be seen among the competitors.

* Copy your competitors best keyword

* Optimize your content to make your content more shareable

* Update, upgrade and republish old blog posts

* Copy Adwords to make an eye-catching title and description for your content

* Use links of Authority Sites on your page to be on the first search page of Google and generate more traffic for your page

* Write Mini Blog Posts for YouTube Descriptions

* Use short URLs for your blog to make it more receptive

* Use colorful images on your pages to generate reading interest in people

* Make your content more readable with short paragraphs, subheadings, and bulleted lists.

* Mention the names and links of influencers in your content

* Include Hashtags in your descriptions

* Set in long tail keywords in title tags

* Use Wikipedia for keyword and topic ideas

* Publish content with a maximum of 2000 words

* Create Your Own Keywords and use them along with the most used keywords

* Find famous sites that will take carry forward your website link for link-building

* Use the Google Search Console to Get More Targeted Traffic

* One of the links we want you to refer to hone your SEO skills will be:


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