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We’ve all want to hit it in the smartest way possible on digital media. Digital marketing is considered to be one of the most powerful tools in promoting business now. So take it seriously, fellas! Here is a list of all magical creative marketing strategies, advertising ideas and inspirational tips to help you bust through that brick wall, generate more leads, increase online sales and audience engagement:

Personally promoting your social media handles:

Giving it a personal touch makes it even more interesting to read and understand your product. Try to write content in your “usual” words. Personal attention is a must to every brand on digital media!

Follow popular hashtags:

Google is highly updated with trending words or hashtags on a site named Google Trends or Twitter. Find out the trending hashtags and use it in your content. It will take no time for your content or post to go viral in seconds on all digital media handles.

Create short and interesting Vine or YouTube videos:

Apart from YouTube, Vine’s popularity has also reached the skies. From celebrities to a common man, everybody wants to be in the league through these videos. Nothing goes more viral than videos. Visibility and reach of videos are mind-blowing. Use these videos for interactivity on digital media. With a little work and some fun content, you could become a big fish in a small pond on Vine or YouTube.

Pin your product or service images on Pinterest:

Social media platforms like Pinterest have been quick on the draw with the latest and trendiest stuff. Images posted there have been eyed and picked up by all conveniently. Don’t forget to aggregate awesome content on Pinterest for some serious traffic. All DIYs can be located easily on Pinterest.

Try urban marketing like flyers, posters, and sidewalk chalk:

The most up-to-date news, videos, photos, statistics, scores, archives, etc. are easily available on these platforms. Introduce your new product and publicize it on such digital media platforms. You never know you might get some important leads through these platforms. Post about industry hot topics, write (and allow) guest posts or create white papers to engage the audience in your account.

Consider unusual sponsorships:

Unusual sponsorships of big brands can grab many eyeballs. As we all know, sponsors are an important part of sports. How would you feel about a fast food franchise representing your favorite sports player or the sports league? As we all know, fast food chains have been criticized for serving unhealthy food. But then many of them also sponsor sport & fitness events. Get a sponsorship from them and endorse your brand with them on all digital media platforms. Cool idea, isn’t it?

Host a photo/ video/ voting/ caption contest:

Hosting such contests for the youth will grab the attention of unwanted. All parents take a keen interest in sending their children to such contest to boost their morale. Add a hashtag to your contests and make it viral. Make contests super sharable on social media. Let social media platforms speak about these contests and observe a whopping number of entries on the day of the contest.

Post to deal sites like Groupon, Zomato, Slideshare, Upwork, and Behance, etc.:

Enticing customers with great deals might make your restaurant or brand popular. Your restaurant might be under the wraps for months now but you can bring it to notice through exciting deals or offers, especially on digital media. Offer bonus points for sharing the details with friends/families. Post everything about your work and your clients on these digital media platforms like Slideshare, Upwork, and Behance. This is will create a buzz among the competitors and people will start referring you to other sources by simply showcasing your work through these platforms.

Create interesting Emailers:

Promote your brand through colorful and interesting emailers. Most of the time you can’t get contact numbers of people, get their email ids from social media platforms like Facebook and mail them about your product or service through emailers. You can also send some offers in these emailers to tempt them more.

Write content catered to your audience:

Content strategy comes with experience and expertise. Write content for only a selected audience and boost the post on all social media selecting a region or age group. Write eBooks for your audience. Use analytics to take advantage of popular content. Create 101 guides to teach the basics. Promote your content on all social media platforms. Make and promote mobile-specific content. One of the ways of creating curiosity among the audience is to write relevant top 10 lists. Include your brand in the Top 10 list of product. Be reasonable and write about competitor brands too. People are smart enough to differentiate easily.  You can also write a product comparison guide in it.

Create data-driven Infographics:

Great infographics balance data, information, & art to create a visual appeal. All about your product or service can be filled in just one infographic. Use essential tools to create infographics, fill it with attractive colors and essential content. Infographics go viral in a split second and are quite trending. Make bold future predictions in these infographics.

Include graphs and charts in your content:

It is often good to show comparisons to your target audience through graphs and charts on a digital media platform. When they observe the difference, they are more likely to buy your product or use your service. Graphs and charts make your content interesting and readable and easily referable.

Create a questionnaire or host webinars:

To build interest in your product/ service on social media, prepare a list of questions or just one question for them to answer in monosyllables. This will create audience engagement and might grab the attention of unwanted on your brand. You can also inject controversy into your copy. Create an “ask the experts” roundup, for instance. Hosting free Webinars in the remotest of areas is one way of enlightening your product/ service to the general populace. Get ideas from Google related search to use strategies for conducting these events.

Use pop-up opt-ins on landing pages:

Pop-up and opt-ins behave like reminders to people. It is similar to pinging your audience at any time of the day. Make this content extremely crisp and interesting to grab attention in a second on digital media.

 Create a podcast, viral memes, gifs, and hilarious webcomics:

Create a buzz about your brand through podcast, memes, and webcomics. Funny content goes viral in a micro-second. Audience engagement is at its max through such content and instructs audience about your brand existence.

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