Since the Victorian era, stationery has been an important part of the good social etiquette of a brand. Stationery design usually consists of paper, office supplies, letterheads, writing equipment, business cards, cases, and other similar items. The entire goal is to beautify branding as a whole.

Every business owner understands that personalized communication emphasizes your professionalism. Showing your customers and clients how far you’re willing to go to stand apart, will put a good impression on them. One such impression is about companies who are fashionably carrying out branding across their entire digital presence and packaging by designing extraordinary stationery supplies. By now, it is quite understandable that Internet is the virtual counterpart of your business. Overlooking your self-image will hurt you in the long run. Put some focus on maintaining a good self-image, just to stand out!

Play well with geometric patterns

Who knew geometric patterns can be so much fun?! This set of patterns combines geometric shapes in exciting ways to create bright and distinctive backgrounds on stationery. One fantastic example of using geometric patterns in Stationery designed by Startup Farms is of worldly recognized and renowned event, Tedx. From conceptualizing to launching and conducting the event, we were honored to be the media partners of Tedx Godapark. The squares on the concept idea ‘Winds of Change’ is for out-of-the-box thinking of the speakers while the dots in the box denotes water droplets of River Godavari residing in Nashik city for ages.

One more example that Startup Farms can vouch for is a salon brand named‘Megies Studio’. This exclusive salon offered services for makeup, hair, and body. For this brand, we combined stripes, chevrons, dots, and lots of circles. Brand services are best described by these outstanding patterns. We used them for unique package designs, invites, stationery or posters. These creative backgrounds lead designing vitality.

Megies Studio

Experimenting with colors

Another example of stationery was of Happy Laundry with a peppy color and minimal design. It is absolute compositional compatibility of contrasting forms of combination with a lining of pink. Just add ready-made graphics while experimenting with some fresh colors. These vibrant colors depict the color of clothes and add some freshness to the brand image.

Laundry Happy

Picking the right design elements

Design elements play a vital role in creating beautiful stationery. Elegant shapes work perfectly well with brands like wedding events, clothing, cosmetic, etc. One such brand designed by Startup Farms was for a clothing brand named ‘Sarvaangi Sarees’. Here we used a gorgeous palette of burgundy, orange, and gold to depict the richness of brand. The gold lining on flower shape might mean giving it a rustic style to the brand but in actuality, it denotes the gold zari on sarees. You can also use some separate elements to create your own arrangements or use the coordinating design pieces for a quick and easy design.

Choosing the ideals

Designing stationery as part of a branding project is always an enjoyable job. Not only can you express your creativity in the artwork, design for print also allows you to experiment with different paper stocks and inks to create premium quality goods. Some clients demand fancy stationery while some demand for simple. But every client expects it to speak volumes about their brand with a touch of modernism in it. One of the modern, simple and ideal design Startup Farms created was for a company named Gurnani Metals. The design was very easy to adapt and customize for the future use. The color palette is exorbitantly wide but they wanted a color that suits the product and syncs with the brand image. Thus, they chose grey to depict boldness of their product ‘metals’.

Gurnani Metals

Whichever design you choose, all that matters is the creativity to create an exception. They can be used individually or combined, clean or textured, use them in such a way that only spells ‘uniqueness’. To have a look at more such designs by Startup Farms, please click on the link below:

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