“A brand is not defined by the organization, but it is the consumer perception of the organization.”

-Seth Godin

Creating a unique identity in this fast-pacing world might be a process of ramification for some. A product can create a stir in the market but exceptional branding can create buzzing tremors. Impressive branding can lure customers to buy the product. One classic thought can make you an exemplary brand and imprint in the heart of your customers. Our marketing and communication methods are contemplated after thorough market research, trending factors and customer needs. We have young, talented and experienced branding experts that bring commendable ideas to the table and create an unwavering brand strategy for our clients. We use branding tools that put the spotlight on your brand and builds the “brand” heat in the right direction.

Our clients come from some of the major cities of India. We offer services as a branding agency in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune,Nashik and Singapore. We envision on creating a niche in all the cities of the country and aim to be among the top branding companies of India.

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Brand Establishment

For the brand establishment, you need to create a spark of light for your brand in the market. Startup Farms is the spark of imagination and creativity that is bought to reality with a distinct identity. We help you create a ‘Distinct Identity’ for your brand as part of Branding. This branding exercise includes:

Brand positioning: We help in raising awareness about your brand and give a defined position in the market by creating a unique impression of your brand in the eyes of your target audience through strategies like pricing, promotions, distribution, packaging and raising the competition.

Assign a name to your product: Ample of hard work and research goes in searching a suitable name for your product. We aid in assigning a name that speaks about your product or service, relates to the target audience, can be pronounced easily and it should fulfill expectations.

Designing logo: A brand is known more by its logo than by its advertisements and publicity. Your logo should speak for your brand. We design logo that can be identified by a person, an animal or an object that easily connects with the audience and can be remembered by them.

Deciding the color palate and brand fonts: Distinctive brands are recognized by their colors and fonts. We chose such colors and fonts for the brand that enhances the core values and underlying personality of your brand. Brand color and font is the one to represent brand identity and to create an irreplaceable image in the market.

Defining your brand guidelines: Brand guidelines are commonly referred to brand standards to explain how your brand works. We define guidelines that speak about your brand’s history, personality and key values.

Endorse your brand: We help in endorsing your brand through effective and latest techniques of advertising and marketing in an assigned marketing budget and time. These techniques can be from print media to digital media.

Stationery: The last stage in establishing your brand is creating stationery. Brand stationery acts as an identification tool for not only your business but also adds value to the advertising of brand. It injects professionalism into the company’s image. Visiting Card, Letter Head, Envelope or Digital Signature helps create these values. We design creative stationery and present it to the customer through mockups for easy visualization.

For corporate brand identity, we explicate vision, mission, essence, personality and positioning of your brand. Thus, branding with Startup Farms helps you create a distinct brand identity that helps your brand occupy space in consumer’s mind, where your product clearly differentiates.


Brand Collateral is the collection of media used to endorse the brand and support the sales and marketing of a product or service. It’s the solid indication of the brand existence, designed to be in harmony with the brand’s core values, personality, color and font. A poorly executed design can do as much damage as a great professionally designed solution can do to enhance the apparent value of your offerings. It puts a good impression on the customer, alluring them to buy the product and use it. This is how you increase brand awareness, brand identity and sales. Yes, you can that collaterals are a combined effort in direct marketing of your product.

.Our list of brand collaterals include:

  • Brochure
  • Poster
  • Tent Card
  • Dangler
  • Standee
  • Banners
  • Flyers
  • Lollipop
  • Diary
  • Corporate Presentations

All of these items and more are designed with a definite objective in mind. They are the tactical materials of your brand strategy. One will acknowledge your product or service through these collateral designs. We present these collaterals in mockups for visualization purpose. If you want to re-brand your collaterals, we are just a call away. Design it to believe it!


If the advertising pulls off a crowd for 24 hours a day and seven days a week, only then you get back your invested money. It is also known as ‘out-of-home advertising (OOH)’ or outdoor media wherein the advertisement attracts consumers while they’re outside their homes. Outdoor branding explicates advertising in a more précised, impactful and impressive manner. Outdoor advertising broadly incorporates the following advertisement types:

  • Billboards (hoardings) – static & mobile
  • POP Displays (point-of-sale) display ads
  • Street Ads (Posters, Bus shelters, kiosks, telephone booths, etc.)
  • Transit Ads & wraps (buses, taxis, subways, trains, etc.)
  • Ambient media (Guerilla ads, Road Dividers, etc.)

In contrast to other advertising mediums, the audience seeing outdoor advertising is regularly (visually) exposed to these ads and it evokes a high remembrance of ads in their mind. Besides this, outdoor advertising demonstrates the right message in the right place at the right time, generating higher sales. This is the thing that makes a moving announcement, similar to a bus, so captivating, emotively imaginative and imperative.


A common denominator in event planning is creativity. Event planners want to be remembered for integrating uniqueness and imagination into their events. We have a wide list of event creatives for all types of events. Often times though there is a boundary to our creativity. It could be a limited budget or a conservative theme that leaves us wondering where we can sneak in a dash of creativity. To help conquer situations like this, we’ve outlined some of the nearly-infinite event components where planners can add their innovative touch:

  • Invites
  • Event Brochure
  • Back drop
  • Standees
  • ID Cards
  • Tickets
  • Goodie Bag
  • Personalized Merchandise

These are the first impression elements that effectively market your event. A special theme can spark excitement weeks before the event takes place. Every theme can be partnered with a unique design. We also design countdown creatives to keep up with the excitement among the audience.  Greeters, servers, and registration staff can integrate the theme of your event into their t-shirts that comes under personalized merchandise. Fancy, engaging and exciting stage backdrops and photo booths adds a fun element to the event extravaganza. Event planners… we have exciting designs for all your events!


In today’s fast-paced dynamic world, great design is critical for a company’s success. The companies stand out not only for their industry expertise but also for their ability to listen to their clients, understand the audience, and become familiar with their customer’s choice. For all this, you should know how to convey messages, offers, news or any new establishments through press media. With attractive designs comes a responsibility of using the right content to convey the message. Our expert designers and content writers first invest time in studying your brand and then design your ads with intellectual excellence.

  • Newspaper Ad
  • Magazine Ad
  • Leaflet

We believe that only an eye-appealing design can grab attention in a Press Ad. We try to make these ads as creative as possible that makes one believe in its potential to grab eyeballs.  The originality we incorporate in every design is acknowledged and appreciated by all our clients. We help customers connect with the brand with just one Ad. We make your product or service sell in the right way on a right design!


A great package will make your product pop first. Packaging is also something that talks to your consumer up front. Thus, it is important to have a great packaging and labeling for your product to create that appeal and provide a great user experience.

Startup Farms designs packaging that justifies your brand, brand guidelines, logo design and the brand tagline. We have the right kind of expertise to provide you with the right kind of packaging solutions. Apart from being visually appealing, we design your packaging and labeling in a way that is practical, usable and make the consumer prefer your product over the competitors.


What clients says about us

Anith Nair
Owner, Pizza Pacific
Pizza Pacific really appreciates the response received from Startup Farms on the branding. The quality and significance of logo design and hashtag quote are remarkable. Wish to continue a long term association !!
Mahesh Bhalerao
Founder, Omaah n Adhira
It has been great working with Startup Farms, the team is very helpful, creative and responsive. They came up with great options for me to choose from while I was working with them on the creation of two brands for my clothing line. Go Startup Farms team. Thank you for all your hard work.
Akshay Tambat
Owner, The Happy Feast Co.
I loved the entire process of working our way through the project, from the naming phase, to the launch and finally the artwork design for brand creatives and social media. It was all done with such gusto and genuine excitement. What we like about them is that they do a thorough market study before presenting the plan to you. Their branding designs are quirky, innovative and were well aligned with our vision and purpose. The roll out of our fusion food brand and people’s reaction to it was very positive!
milind aher
Founder, The Supply Chain People
Startup Farms helped us develop our Company logo. They provided us with better solutions as compared to the market. We have received a lot of appreciation for our Logo, Stationery, Brochure, Website as well as the Presentation. All the writeup was also done well.
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