Brand Establishment

For the brand establishment, you need to create a spark of light for your brand in the market. Startup Farms is the spark of imagination and creativity that is bought to reality with a distinct identity. We help you create a ‘Distinct Identity’ for your brand as part of Branding. This branding exercise includes:

Brand positioning: We help in raising awareness about your brand and give a defined position in the market by creating a unique impression of your brand in the eyes of your target audience through strategies like pricing, promotions, distribution, packaging and raising the competition.

Assign a name to your product: Ample of hard work and research goes in searching a suitable name for your product. We aid in assigning a name that speaks about your product or service, relates to the target audience, can be pronounced easily and it should fulfill expectations.

Designing logo: A brand is known more by its logo than by its advertisements and publicity. Your logo should speak for your brand. We design logo that can be identified by a person, an animal or an object that easily connects with the audience and can be remembered by them.

Deciding the color palate and brand fonts: Distinctive brands are recognized by their colors and fonts. We chose such colors and fonts for the brand that enhances the core values and underlying personality of your brand. Brand color and font is the one to represent brand identity and to create an irreplaceable image in the market.

Defining your brand guidelines: Brand guidelines are commonly referred to brand standards to explain how your brand works. We define guidelines that speak about your brand’s history, personality and key values.

Endorse your brand: We help in endorsing your brand through effective and latest techniques of advertising and marketing in an assigned marketing budget and time. These techniques can be from print media to digital media.

Stationery: The last stage in establishing your brand is creating stationery. Brand stationery acts as an identification tool for not only your business but also adds value to the advertising of brand. It injects professionalism into the company’s image. Visiting Card, Letter Head, Envelope or Digital Signature helps create these values. We design creative stationery and present it to the customer through mockups for easy visualization.

For corporate brand identity, we explicate vision, mission, essence, personality and positioning of your brand. Thus, branding with Startup Farms helps you create a distinct brand identity that helps your brand occupy space in consumer’s mind, where your product clearly differentiates.