Brands these days are becoming highly competitive where the brand identity has gained equal importance as the product. Startup Farms believe in giving a distinct identity to a brand. Rebranding for Startups is as much fun as branding for an established brand. The only difference between them is the thought process where Startup Companies are ready to explore with innovative designs and established brands are clear about how they wish to portray their brand next.

We practise searching for never-existing names for a brand, create minimalistic logo designs, use a brand-relevant colour scheme and give a grand launch strategy to the clients. We invest a lot of time in researching competitor brands and list the uniqueness in each of them. After a thorough analysis and branding strategy, we think how differently we can set the brand in the market. Our latest brand identity and establishment project is ‘Omaah’. Omaah was a Startup Company for kids apparels and we did branding for them. The thought process behind creating this brand is as follows:        

Significance of the Name                                                                                           

Omaah is an Indian name meaning life giver. We gave this name to the kid’s clothing brand for its Hindu origin, its significance and proprietor’s requisite to be named after his son – Om. ‘Om’ and ‘maa’ is conjoined to form ‘Omaah’ where Om is a mystic syllable, considered the most sacred mantra in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism and maa is Indian name for mother. We wanted to manifest the love and care a mother bestows on her child through this unique brand name. This name sounds sweet, effortless, unique and admirable just like kids. The name gives meaning to the clothing kid’s wear which is comfortable and stylish.

Significance of Omaah

Logo Creation                                                                                                               

Logo of Omaah communicates with the audience (parent & child) in a very subtle and imaginative way. One very interesting feature in the logo is the alphabet ‘a’ written in an inverted manner that indicates two eyes of children. The hidden meaning behind this alphabet is to view the amazing collection of clothes through the eyes of a child. Another interesting fact is the inverted alphabet ‘m’ to indicate the Hindu syllable Om. The font used in this logo is curvy, readable and likeable. The font colours denote the colourful variety of clothes that will be available for kids. The logo is vibrant, cheerful and clearly defines the  brand identity of Omaah.

Brand Identity

Logo Creation

Stationery, Packaging & Labels

Stationery of Omaah was designed to appeal the eye with fresh lively colours. The brand wanted all its customers to purchase, represent, share and remember the brand with its distinctively adorable packaging, stationery and labels.  Packaging and stationary were made to stand out with its chosen set of rainbow colours – blue, green, purple, orange and yellow. These shades of a rainbow tell a buyer what style, price range and personality of products are offered by the brand. Doesn’t the stationery signify a unique brand identity?

Brand Identity Brand Identity Brand Identity Brand Identity Brand Identity Brand Identity Brand Identity Brand Identity

We are a design agency where our topmost priority is to create designs that are clean, minimalistic, colour-relatable and classy. Branding for a Startup like Omaah was lot of fun and interesting because we could play with varied colours. We wanted to create an image about this brand which was distinctive and memorable. With a new-age technique of brand identity, we could fulfil the expectations of our client and set the brand in the market.

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