“Women, like men, should try to do the impossible. And when they fail, their failure should be a challenge to others.” Amelia Earhart

Yes, it was a challenge for the strongest women of our office to win a carrom tournament. These two women are Swapna Shaikh and Vaishali Nikam!

Every sport, every game or every challenge is accepted by every individual of Startup Farms with the highest zeal and honour. It is not just about winning the branding or marketing games; it is also about winning Carrom games. Till date, every win in these games was about men while women competed strongly in the finals but never won. This time it was about women winning with respect!

Before I tell you about their victory, I want to tell you about their character and role in general. Swapna Shaikh is the co-founder of Startup Farms and wife of our Founder, Faisal Shaikh. She takes care of Finance, Admin and Business Development in this office. Her role in this office is about taking financial decisions beneficial for the company, leading the team on the right professional path, administering the office work properly, cracking deals for the company, thoughtfully strategizing the business and keeping the team as a close-knit family. So her role demands for the right leadership and positivity to win hearts and business deals. Yes, she wears many hats and carries them with dignity.

Vaishali Nikam is the senior Graphic Designer. Her work is all about creativity and designing. Her demeanour is very calm and stable. She has truck full of patience in her small body. She is a veggie but works like someone gulping down a hen in one go. Yes, she is so full of energy, power and enthusiasm. Her will to win in situations keeps her sane and positive. She is a power-packed performer in all sense!

Carrom Tournaments in our office were always about enthusiasm, change and winning spirit. We play it almost every month with equal devotion and passion. When teams were decided for this monsoon special tournament, except for Swapna Ma’am and Vaishali Ma’am, others were trembling with fear over their dangerous combination. Swapna Ma’am is all about striking unbelievable shots and strategizing whereas Vaishali Ma’am is all about striking 4 shots in one go. Their team in carrom was powerful and they aimed at only WINNING. From the first game to the last game, they won all. How is it even possible?! That’s what these women are about. They strategized and chose shots brilliantly. Their shots were mindboggling and not easy to play. But they did it!

Wearing capes is not only about men now, isn’t it? Our women wore red shining capes to fly high with a cup in their hand. Woo-hoo more power to you women. Slay! Slay! Slay!  

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