There are times when you have to throw rocks in a sea to create winds of change. These rocks can be the most effective words of communication. Communication plays a vital role in creating an excellent brand identity online. Thanks to the advancement in social media, even unknown brands are now becoming noticeable and popular. Not just designing but communication is also playing an equal and important role in getting the brand show on the road. It has now an easy mark to communicate with your customers about the products you sell, where consumers are playing a role of ‘co-creators’. It just takes some hard work to identify your differentiators and then articulate those differences to your product marketing strategies. One such strategy is ‘Brand Communication’. Here are some DIYs to crave the limelight through brand communication strategy:

Surprise and Delight with charismatic personalities:

Cultivate a voice that surprises and delights your customers. Delighted customers talk positively about your brand, further driving new content creation through social media. This content then reaches other customers and prospects, conveying your message naturally. Put a face on your brand and let a real personality shine through. Provide content related to your buyer’s personality and post the kind of content they enjoy. Let readers know that your brand is professionally fun and relatable. People often prefer a connection over information through a means of communication. For instance, Axe Deodorant Sprays have voices of the youth ‘Find your magic. Make love, not war. Love at first sniff. Smell good all day. The company has taken many creative risks with young dashing personalities and, in turn, made a long-lasting impression on its customers.

Shine a Light on Quality Content:

Quality content engages the customers more than quantity. Customers search for a purpose to use your product/service. Give them a purpose, a right purpose! Show them how useful your product/service is with quality content that not only builds trust but also engages the customers to post thoughtful reviews. Traffic is nice, but truly engaging when the reader reads more and prefers visiting your platforms more. This will bring some meaning to your communication tactics!

Sing your Heart Out with some real-time dialogues:

Your voice and tone matter the most. They humanize your brand and include you in conversations naturally. Take the time to have genuine, real-time dialogue with customers and prospects to better position your brand in a world of competitive niche markets. Define and endorse a strong social media marketing voice and others will market yours unexpectedly. Cadbury kills it with their latest slogan says ‘taste like this feels’ – they are hitting it right on the sensations of a human. They have a cute, bubbly voice of a child or a sensuous voice of an adult as a means of communication. Their target audiences are the ones who rule the market and would spread the word like a wildfire.

Let’s Run the Show with Customer-driven Content:

Brands should work to improve their products by sending messages to consumers who continue to influence and take co-ownership of their favorite brands. Share consumers’ content and tweak your contributions in order to give your audience exactly what they like to see and experience. Upload attractive posts to enlighten your new product or simply conduct contests for free giveaways. This kind of communication can bring a lot of customer attention to your social media platforms.

Let’s Run the Mills with Promotional Activities:

Conduct promotional activities for customers that include advertising in newspapers, radio, television, magazines, outdoor signage, online games or joint promotions. Distribute vouchers, coupons or free samples to people in crowded places. Take down their written comments and post it on social media. This will influence the audience and ultimately establish a trust factor. A restaurant, for example, may offer a free dessert with the purchase of a meal. An electronics store may offer free batteries to customers. Chik-Fil-A recently launched a popular promotion where they offered the first 100 customers to their newly-opened stores free chicken sandwiches for a year. Isn’t this an effective way of communication?

Forthright and Direct Communication:

Right and direct communication can be a huge asset as you are generating your social media marketing voice. This type of marketing is true in all respects. Few companies share the right details of their journey in building this brand, and doing so can help you stand out from your competition. Writing with directness and clearness also helps you communicate with confidence; nothing is off the table to discuss. Don’t just jump the shark, be true to your customers and give the expected.

Push the Boat out with Uniqueness:

People don’t prefer communication to boasts about their product like it’s a gold mine. They prefer to speak about authenticity and uniqueness of the product. Maintain a brand voice that seems to be true and not forced. Communicate with customers spontaneously and with flexibility. Speak like a human being to protect your brand voice.  York Winery, for instance, is a brand that excels in its social media strategies for maintaining the uniqueness of their brand. Their communication is crisp and clear. They “advertise” by building human bonds, providing reliability and utility, and behaving like responsible people would – and that’s a big deal to customers. Their customers are responsible for creating their brand image.

No Strings Attached:

Make sure your posts are not only swaggering about your company or industry. When you venture outside of your usual topics, it always engages people with other interesting facts about other industries. Share great posts by other industry leaders and touch upon relevant news so as not to lose people’s interest. Keep your audiences coming back for more. This also enhances trust because readers will see that you aren’t just on a mission to promote your brand fundamentally; you’re there to delight and serve your audience with interesting communication.

Live Up to the Hype:

Create the hype, the curiosity among the audiences. This hype can be created before a launch or before the release date of one of a musical sensation. They will typically announce the date, everything will be released and continually tease people about the songs that will be on it. This generates a lot of excitement and hype, and, more importantly, expectation. This hype helps generate more content and more excitement about the brand. This is the strongest medium of communication for a lot of brands.

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