Michael Watkins defines organizational work culture as a moving target made up of the patterns of behavior; a shared process of “sense-making”; and the stories, values, and rituals that take hold within organizations.

Work Culture? There is no perfect definition of it. Every company has a unique work culture to follow. Employees are hired on the basis of their core values: “Warrior Spirit,” “Servant’s Heart” and “Fun-Loving Attitude,” Startup Farms asks employees to embody hard work, perseverance, proactive customer service and lighthearted fun in everything they do. Faisal Shaikh, the proprietor, hires for attitude and trains for skill. This is how the company recruits its individuals and builds a powerful work culture considering them as a member… Yes, that’s what he calls them ‘a member of Startup Farms Family’!

Belonging to a media and marketing agency, Startup Farm’s strong organizational culture is a ‘powerful talent attractor’. It can win you access to the best talent in town and be the glue that retains top employees amid fierce competition. So how can you turn your culture into one of your strongest assets? Let’s have a look at the ‘fundas’ followed by our company to build a great workplace culture:


We keep our members in the loop whenever a new project pops up or whenever there is a decision to be taken on a particular project. Every opinion matters! There is an open flow of communication between the heads of the head and all the members. We believe in taking feedback from every member before submitting the end result to the client. Those ways every member considers themselves an important part of the family. People may not like giving negative feedback, but everyone wants to hear it – as long as it’s constructive! Effective feedback lets members know how they are meeting their goals. Then there are millions of gibes, shaggy dog stories and evil laughs thrown at every silly idea emitted from the brains during brainstorming sessions. This only lightens the mood, builds strong relationships and creates a fun work culture.

Some hilarious communications are a result of our much known ‘Carrom Tournaments’. YES… They are taken very very very seriously by all the members (well yeah, including our boss!). These tournaments cease the work-related stresses and pressures over the members. They are fun, competitive and quite relaxing! Having a carom board in office makes our agency life so much at ease and a little off the stress. These tournaments build patience, confidence, and self-trust in all members. Every tournament is one learning experience for every member.

Flexibility in work

Many members of Startup Farms are juggling hard between work and family life. Some are dealing with petty issues with wife, girlfriend or mother in laws while some are dealing with serious hitches like the health of their family members or staying away from family. We believe in understanding the problems they go through and at times, give them the flexibility to work from home or give extra few hours in the office the next day. Work in the day or work in the night, every member believes in meeting the deadlines and submitting the work on time, whatever the situations are.

Recognize Success

Studies say that only 24% of the employees are satisfied with the level of recognition they receive at work. We don’t believe in this thesis… Why? Because we believe in celebrating every victory – every product design, every client appreciation, every idea or every little effort from our members. Be it a cake, jalebis or ice cream, every victory is celebrated with sweets. Every member is given that important recognition of ‘achievement’.

Considering Special Moments

Every member’s birthday is celebrated in an impressive way with a cake, gifts and a lunch or dinner party. We try to make our work culture as dynamic as possible. We even craft some quirky personalized birthday wishes for the members or even our clients.

India is well known all over the world as a country of cultural and traditional festivals as it has many cultures and religions. There are festivals to be celebrated every month. As it is a secular country full of diversity in the religions, languages, cultures, and castes, we celebrate every festival of the country as if we belong to that caste. Office looks colorful and lively on Diwali festival, divine on Ganesh Chaturthi, fancy and vibrant on Christmas and pleasing on Eid with lip-smacking biryani treat for all. Every ritual is followed whenever a festival is celebrated. Games are played during such cheerful gatherings and gifts are distributed accordingly.

Build Trust

According to 90% of members, the most valued attributes in workplace relationships are honesty, trust, and fairness. Trust can be actively fostered by proactively building interpersonal trust and communicating with predictability. To build interpersonal trust, members chat about their professional and personal lives. Everybody wants a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen to their best and worst experiences. Whereas communicating with some prediction in mind only allows a member to talk openly with one another.

Provide a Purpose

Employees who say their company has a strong sense of purpose also say their company has a history of strong financial performance. So is our case! Every member of Startup Farms family is able to find meaning and purpose within their roles. Thus, they are happier, healthier and more productive professionally. Every task is efficiently done following a to-do-list updated every morning for the members and also for the clients. No task is missed out or no blame game is played. Work is very well organized and everybody follows a pattern of work!

There is a level of informality and an open culture that we follow at Startup Farms. The relationship between the boss and the members is very cordial and like a bosom buddy. Here, members are motivated and most satisfied with their needs and values. Every member is molded with care to fit in culture easily. This intangible ecosystem created in our office makes it a great place to work!