There are a few times in the great arch of history when one consciously knows that this trend will explode the world. A creative trend is all about one’s wildest imagination that comes true once it becomes viral. Previous creative renaissances were driven by technology, and this one is no different!

From the invention of the printing press in the 1400s that allowed “scalable” broadcast of stories in the remotest of areas to musicians who fabricated new sounds not possible by live artists, technology has been about transforming ideas into art. On the similar rails, designing and advertising set out to explore how marketing can touch the human experience in diverse and encompassing ways. Here are top trends used by renowned Ad Gurus in the creative world that is applied by all of us, in modern day:

#1 Trend: Facts, Facts, Facts…

David Ogilvy, Father of Advertising, always believed in presenting facts before a feature of the product that the consumer will fancy. He says that if you have a proof, don’t bury the lead. Find facts that matter to your consumer. One such proof was Rolls Royce and Mercedes which says – one fact equals one creative trend. Here was the trick: You don’t care that a Rolls Royce goes 60 miles an hour. But hey, if the loudest noise you hear at 60 miles per hour is the electric clock, then this is super cool! I want to read more…

#2 Trend: Headlines are GOD

Headlines should be minimalistic and crisp. If one word describes the brand identity then one headline should describe the brand as a whole. The importance of quality and quantity is ramped up in a ‘headline’. This one word will be your way up to a creative trend on social media. Yes, even a subject line: 1/3 of emails are opened based on subject lines. If your headline doesn’t sell the product, then your client wastes 90% of their money. The No 1 ad man in the country is undoubted, Piyush Pandey. The ad guru is responsible for coining the defining slogan for PM Narendra Modi’s Lok Sabha campaign, “Ab ki baar, Modi sarkaar”. This slogan helped in fetching delightful results for the current government during the elections. The big daddy of Indian advertising has had a long and remarkable career at Ogilvy & Mather. He is also the man behind popular ads like Cadbury’s – Kuch Khaas Hai, Fevicol – Fevicol ka mazboot jod, Asian Paints and even Fevikwick. A headline is not your handshake with the prospect; it’s the eye contact before the handshake.

#3 Trend: Everybody loves a great ‘emotional’ story

The most successful advertising is a communication between one human being and the other. Add a personal and emotional touch to a story that describes your brand. Try and make your story as fascinating as possible. And make it personal! How do you feel about a particular brand, use the product, carve your emotions about the product and craft a beautiful story out of it? If it’s boring to you, it’s boring to everybody else. Poet, lyricist, scriptwriter, and adman – Prasoon Joshi wears many hats. He is the man behind notable commercials like Alpenliebe Chlormint, Thanda matlab Coca-Cola (which won an award at Cannes) and many more. He was conferred the Padma Shri this year and has also composed the anthem for the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. It says “Saaf nahi toh maaf nahi”. It is a rallying cry for the people of India who have come together and taken the initiative to make their villages swachh, and have made Swachh Bharat a jan aandolan. That’s the power of success! The entire nation should roar to these powerful lines!

#4 Trend: Keep yourself updated!

This industry is fun as hell. Enjoy the brainstorming. Make fun of the idiocy. And most importantly, don’t rest on your laurels. Stay up-to-date on research. Better yet, stay up-to-date on technology. Better yet, stay up-to-date on everything. Read the trade pubs. Comment on the blogs. Read about Communication Arts. You have the power. Not the creative director. Not the marketing director. Not the account director. They’re old. They have kids and hobbies and drinking habits. Not you. Yet. You have your finger on the pulse on the future of the industry. Squeeze. Now is the time to slay the old advertising guard and take over. One word you read from the trending content might give rise to a brilliant idea! was founded as a hobby blog in 2008. Following a surge in readership, Malini Agarwal, decided to cover all aspects of Bollywood and Celebrity Life,  Indian and international fashion trends, along with lifestyle content such as Travel, Food, and Nightlife. What was her mantra? #keepyourselfupdated… Simple as that! Her big effort of following people on social media turned into a big fat idea of running a business. She is described as ‘India’s most Famous Blogger’ by The Huffington Post and Forbes. She rules the internet by just a keyword – ‘missmalini’ which is now a trend people follow mindlessly.

#5 Trend: One promise. One Entity. Bring it to life with passion.   

Alyque Padamsee, known as the Brand Father of Indian advertising, has built over 100 brands. He is the only Indian to be voted into the International Clio Hall of Fame, the Oscars of World Advertising. Padamsee created Lalitaji for Surf, Cherry Charlie for Cherry Blossom Shoe Polish, the MRF Muscle Man, the Liril girl in the waterfall, the Kamasutra couple, Hamara Bajaj, the TV detective Karamchand, the Fair & Handsome brand, etc. He always focused on one element for an advertisement which could be one person or one entity. For the Golden Jubilee of The Indian Institute Technology Bombay, his idea of starting an initiative to create 10 Great Ideas That Will Change The World In The Next 50 Years caused a great deal of excitement. He says – keep your fantasies alive. No wonder his best ads are a combination of reality and fantasy.

Promise your consumers to give what your product is actually for. Don’t fool your consumers. Padamsee was responsible for a condom brand, where he promoted an idea of protection from AIDS.

#6 Trend: Combine creativity, data, and technology

Leo Burnett Worldwide is a communication agency powered by its HumanKind operating system, with the belief that creativity, data, and technology work together to transform human behaviour and drive prosperity for clients. An ad is good when there is creativity, better when there is data and best when there is a technology used in it. Founder of the company says that do not complicate the design and communication. Make an ad simple, memorable, pleasing and fun to read.

One of the best-known advertisement released by Burnett was that for McDonald which says “Good Times for Good Taste”. Leo Burnett used dramatic realism in his advertising, the Soft sell approach to build brand equity. Burnett believed in finding the inherent drama of products and presenting it in advertising through warmth, shared emotions and experiences. His advertising drew from heartland-rooted values using simple, strong and instinctive imagery that talked to people.