Establish the brand explicitly. There are no extra pieces in the universe. Every piece is here to fill a space and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle. Like every piece of jigsaw puzzle, every tagline, content or concept that we use to denote a brand fills in space.

Know-how of your pieces

For any brand, learn obsessively about your audience.

This seems like a no-brainer, as relevance is the key in all forms of storytelling, but this is where thinking like a publication is helpful. For a monthly magazine to be successful, it needs to truly understand its readership, what resonates with them and why. The same goes for social. You need to truly understand your target audience, what their online behaviours are, what their mindset is like, and perform constant social listening to see what’s on their radar at any given moment that your brand can authentically tap into. For a soap brand, if the target audience is the youth, your focus should be on the fragrance or colours of the wrapper that might allure the youngsters to pick one for a trial. Later that trial might multiply!

We, at Startup Farms, always involve our team in R&D of the competitive brands to understand the need of the audience. We start from the left corner of the puzzle and then go to right corner slow and steady!

Keep adding pieces each night until the bigger picture appears

Structure your creative team and approval processes ahead of time so you can be as agile as possible.

When news breaks, there’s no such thing as waiting for multiple levels of approval over a day or two to get something on air. It’s challenging to have that level of agility in an advertising agency, where creatives are working on various brand campaigns simultaneously and resourcing can change from week to week, but planning ahead can get you close to solving the other side of the puzzle beforehand. Additionally, it’s best to have consistent teams that work on social brands and act as brand “journalists,” which saves time by not onboarding new team members every time a real-time opportunity arises. At Startup Farms, we assign brand journalists for each brand who are consistently thinking about the next campaign. Work process becomes easier and faster.

Trials and errors are a part of every jigsaw puzzle

Which data sells and which doesn’t is what an agency has to deal with.

In the trial process, replace a jigsaw puzzle with another to check if it fits well or not. There are a number of tools and websites that you can leverage to create relevant annual calendars, briefs and real-time posts. You can use social platforms for discovering trending topics and hashtags. You can also create posts for trials. You get an immediate response on social platforms where you can predict and track potential trending content. Agency life is all about trial and testing!

Try out the new piece

Trends are here to set!

When you are lost while solving the puzzle, follow what’s trending. While you create relevant social content, tapping into a cultural moment can frame your brand as one that has its finger on the pulse. Capturing a real-time trend will help you fit in any space. The youth will follow you too.  If your team is briefed on a trend, its additional benefit is getting close to the target so that content can be produced while the iron’s hot. If you see a good idea – copy it! Mimicking the structure and processes of the trends has worked remarkably well for producing relevant and impactful social content.