With everything going digital and people searching for Diapers to Restaurants online, it has become very critical for even small businesses to have a Social Media Marketing presence. Startup farms over the last six months have played a crucial role in getting these local brands online.

‘YORK’ a family-owned winery which has its market sporadically spread across the country wanted more footprints at their Winery & Tasting room. Startup Farms helped the brand with an SEO strategy to get a high rank on searches so that it becomes noticeable by every visitor whenever he searches Nashik Wineries online. With an aggressive Social Media Marketing Campaign, they had decent eyeballs on their Facebook and Instagram platforms which translated into traffic at the winery and tasting room.

‘CK Food Express’ could generate a lot of orders on festive offers and party offer by promoting through Facebook and WhatsApp campaigns. Danish Kalra the founder of CK Food Express says it works to generate quick orders online.

‘FUTSTEP’ shoe laundry who were very traditional in their approach is now one of the most aggressive  startups in the city on the Social Media Platform. From SMS and emailer campaigns to Facebook, Instagram, Google AdWords they will be found everywhere. Facebook helped a lot to generate leads, orders and build a brand identity say Amit Pandey the owner of the brand. Now, ‘FUTSTEP’ wants to aggressively look at using Google Adwords to promote their business.

Startup Farms played a major role in generating business for a brand called ‘Astitva’. With just a single creative campaign Astitva could generate a lot of business which helped them kick start in the local market.

Startup farms is a branding agency for ‘ENE SOCIAL’ and create content for Social Media Marketing. Agency has worked on making the Logos of the brand and the sub-brands now launched. Works on a content bucket module  for each day of the week. The objective is to create eyeballs and generate leads in the form of registrations to their website and app in the future.

‘Megies Studio’ a Pune based Beauty Salon work with Startup Farms to regularly be in touch with their existing customers and generate leads. ‘Megies’ is becoming quite popular in the Koregoan Park and other areas like Kalyani Nagar, Magar Patta etc. All offers, sessions, services are communicated to their existing customer base through Social Media.

It was time local brands looked at Social Media Marketing as a primary tool for promotion. Startup Farms understand the requirements of each brand and devises a Online Strategy for the brands. Do let us know in case you have any such requirement as a brand.